Jun 14

Etsy Fathers Day Card $0.20!!


Happy Fathers Day

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I’m featuring for this weekend your own digital Father’s Day Card for $0.20 on Etsy!  Just follow this link and grab your card!!!  

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Happy Father’s Day!

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Jun 10

Angry Bird Star Wars 5th Birthday Party


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been planning my son’s 5th birthday for a few weeks and working on my Invitations shop on Etsy.

My son just loves Angry Bird Star Wars, so of course I decided to have his birthday off this theme!  Little did I know that the market has absolutely NO birthday decorations based around Angry Bird Star Wars. They either have Star Wars or Angry Birds.  

I had to get creative and find ways to decorate and make sure the kids have fun. I searched online and found some great ideas other mom’s did for their son’s birthday’s. Pinterest and Etsy also has some great ideas.  I decided to make my son’s invitation from clip art you can find for free online. I have a great Photoshop program, so it was easy to make. (you can find this invite at Sugar and Spice Invitations.)  

Next I needed some game ideas and way to keep the boys occupied. I decided to rent a bouncy house (Monster Party Rental) to help burn off the boys energy. Well w20140526_131015orth it!  Next, I made light sabers from pool toys you can buy at Walmart. I picked up 4 pool floats, skinny at around $2.00 each. I cut them in half using scissors. Then decorated them using duck tape and electrical tape. My son LOVED them and couldn’t stop playing with them before his party. The boys also LOVED them and couldn’t put them down. Boys love to smack each other around and rough house. As long as you set rules, no hitting in the face, they were pretty good about it.

The next game was Angry Birds ball toss. I had several boxes around the house and just printed off pigs I found online. Taped them on and stacked the boxes up for the boys to knock off one by one. Eventually, the boys just attacked the boxes with the light sabers. 

For the last party game I blew up white balloons and made piggy troopers for them to pop. The game didn’t go as planned. Boys have so much energy that before I could set the rules to the game, they had already popped the ballon’s with the light sabers. (HINT: Do not hand out the light sabers before the games!)  Trying to organize boys from the ages 5-7, is like trying to wrangle cats!


When the boys got hungry I just laid out some snacks; fruit tray, veggie tray, popcorn, chips, M&M’s and peanut butter sandwiches, Capri sun’s and water. I designed and printed out Angry Bird Star Wars water bottle labels. You can find them here, Angry Bird Water Bottle Labels.


My mother in law got really creative and made these awesome cracker snacks to look like Angry Birds!  She used Ritz crackers, cheese and cream cheese. She cut out each shape and used the cream cheese like glue for decoration. YUMMY!  We also ordered a birthday Cake from “Best Dang Bakery Around” in Acworth who did an awesome job! We also ordered Angry Bird Cake Pops from a lady who creates them out of her home. (I wish I knew her name. My mother-in-laws friend knows her and she got to order them for me)  It was around $1.50 per pop. Everyone who attended the party got to take one home. 


The party lasted around 3 hours which was long enough for the adults to handle. Each boy got to take home their light saber and a small baggy filled with prizes. I found them at Target. They have $1.00 bins filled with neat stuff.  Everyone had a blast and the boys said this was the BEST party they have been too!  That was well worth it.


I think next year I might to Chuck E Cheese! Whew, I’m exhausted!! 






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Jun 03

Dangers in Texting While Driving-Georgia

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I’m reposting this from 2010. I feel this is important to share!

I want to write this article on the dangers of texting and driving. New laws have been passed in Georgia, banning texting and driving. Some people are upset about this. Personally I am not. I see way too many people focused on there phone and not paying attention to the road. I was rear ended while I was 8 months pregnant. I watched as the lady behind me approached the light, looking at her phone, she smacked into my car. Luckily she was not going fast and there was little damaged.

6120_134358637264_757902264_3004137_1720251_nOne story in particular I personally know the dangers of texting and driving. Last summer a co-worker of mine almost lost his daughter to texting and driving, Bronte Wright. She was heading to her boyfriends house on a sunny afternoon. An incoming text had come in when she leaned over to take a quick look, in that split second; she veered off the road and hit a tree. The car wrapped around it with her in it. A half hour later, her boyfriend called to say she wasn’t there. Bronte’s mother began to dial her daughter’s number.

She called her daughter four times, and she didn’t answer the phone, and I thought ‘Oh where are you? Who could you be with?’ And on the fourth try an EMT answered the phone and said ‘Mom?’”

She knew immediately it was bad. To the stranger on the phone she asked, “Oh my God, is she alive?”

She was, but barely. Bronte had crashed her car into a tree on Tripp Road. She has no memory of the accident, but witnesses and a police report helped her parents connect the dots. At 5:28 p.m. a text was coming in and 5:29 p.m. was when 911 was called.

Her father admits she texted a lot. I remember him joking with me at work saying how many text messages a month she had, about 13,000. That is a lot. But for a teen with a new toy, it wasn’t a big deal. It’s easy to rack up that many text messages. When I lived in Michigan and was dating someone from another state I easily racked up 5,000 or more text messages per month. Text messages coming in and out add up quickly. Not to mention any notices or reminders you have as well. I’m sure any CEO, lawyer, doctor or sales rep can confirm that total. I see them everyday on I285 texting and speeding at 65 miles per hour or more. Take a good look at the people around you and you will notice the astounding amount of people on there phones. Not everyone can handle texting while driving, especially a novice teen with only a few years of driving experience.

I am happy to report that Bronte is doing very well and has recovered from her long journey of hospitals and physical therapy. In fact, her story has made the news several times and she will be featured on Oprah this coming Friday! I’m very excited for her and her family and hope that her message will get out to the public on the dangers of texting and driving. Please, don’t text, talk, drink, eat, put on makeup or anything else while you are driving. Pay attention to the road. You are handling a 2000 pound vehicle while driving at high speeds. Let’s be responsible!

That message or phone call can wait.

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May 22

Giveaway: Zavida Coffee For A Year


Prize: The grand prize winner will receive Zavida Coffee for a Year. 5 runner-ups will each receive a Zavida Coffee Bundle Pack.

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